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After Care For Alloy Repairs In Brisbane

Your car is a fundamental part of how well your day goes and how efficiently you get to the things on your to-do list, so it’s important that it runs as well as possible, right? Well, when you have damaged wheels, you can start to see the impact it has on your productivity almost immediately and how it affects your vehicle as well.

Whether it’s difficulty steering or depreciation in value that’s weighing your car down, we have a solution for you! Our alloy repairs in Brisbane can help rectify damage to your alloy wheels quickly and efficiently, saving you time and adding considerable value back to your car.

All you need to do is request a quote and schedule your repair with our professionals, who will drive to wherever you are to restore your rims to optimal condition.

How To Properly Care For Alloy Rims After A Repair.

Post repair care is just as critical as the repair itself. We know you want to give them a good clean and polish to prevent future repairs, but your newly refurbished wheels need a tender touch for the first few weeks.

We recommend the following care tips:

  1. Avoid washing newly repaired and reconditioned wheels for at least a day.
  2. After waiting a day, only wash the wheels by hand and continue to do so for at least four weeks. Harsh spraying or prolonged emersion in water could damage the clear coat on your rims.
  3. Always cool hot wheels with plain water before using soap and ensure all road salt, dust, and brake lining are washed away thoroughly to prevent the wheel’s finish from corroding.
  4. Avoid cleaners and wax for at least four weeks after repair.
  5. Use a quality wax to protect the wheel’s clearcoat once every three months.
  6. Avoid using abrasive chemicals to clean your alloy wheels. If the clear coat of the wheel is damaged, schedule a repair immediately.

Are Car Washes Good For Premium Wheels?

Taking your car to the car wash can be far more convenient than spending your afternoon with a cloth and a bucket of water, but not all car washes are equipped for premium wheels. Some alignment rails may cause wheel and rim damage, so it’s best to avoid them as much as possible.

Hand care is by far the best option for premium wheels, but if you are strapped for time, try finding a car wash that uses a touch-less system or is void of alignment rails.

Get professional alloy repairs in Brisbane and contact us today to receive a quote!

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