Rim Painting In Brisbane

Find Value And Efficiency With Rim Painting In Brisbane

Have you ever looked at a room in your house in complete despair as the paint begins to bubble, chip and flake away, and stains seem to be more evident even after an hour of scrubbing away at them? Of course, you want to do something about it, and the most obvious way is a new paint job. Once you step back and see the transformation in full view, you feel a sense of renewal, almost like a new beginning, as if the damage was never there.

Rim painting in Brisbane is precisely the same. Driving a car with visible signs of wheel damage is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it can be embarrassing for many. But, with a new coat of professionally applied paint and servicing from the experts at Mag Repair, your alloy wheels will look better than ever before, and any signs of damage or deterioration will be entirely concealed under the new gloss and shine of your rims.

The best part is that we come to wherever you are, so you can continue your day uninterrupted while we repair and restore your wheels, all in less than an hour!


The wheels on your car go through rigorous strain every time you drive. Of course, you anticipate traditional wear and tear, but what you hadn’t foreseen was the curb rash, discolouration and unsightliness of your rims after months of neglect.

Sure, we all have over-booked schedules and little time to properly care for our investments, but it can significantly hinder their value in the long run. Thankfully, there are ways to care for your vehicle and ensure you continue adding value to it, such as rim painting.

Keeping your rims and wheels in excellent condition will add value where it is lost most often. So, besides making your wheels look great, rim painting also restores their condition, which will consequently restore the value of your vehicle. For those looking to one day sell their car, rim painting can help secure the best possible sale price and motivate potential buyers to make a substantial offer.


No one enjoys taking hours out of their day to sit at the service centre waiting for their car to be seen to. Not only is it frustrating, but it is also unnecessary when all you need done is rim painting. So, instead of wasting your precious time, why not call Mag Repair?

We will meet you at your preferred destination and complete the job in less than an hour. So, contact us today to request a quote!

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