Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishment

Reasons You May Need Car Alloy Wheel Repair And Refurbishment

You waited many years, saved as much money as you could, and you were finally able to buy the car you’ve always wanted. The moment was more glorious than you could have ever imagined, and every day that you sit in the driver’s seat, you’re reminded of that special day. But, still, you know your vehicle requires constant attention and care, and you put your utmost effort into keeping it in pristine condition.

Unfortunately, accidents can occur for even the most careful driver’s, and one common outcome is wheel damage. Whether you mount a curb or drive with a flat, it can be easy to damage your wheels, but we have the perfect solution for you.

Here at Mag Repair, we provide fast, efficient and professional car alloy wheel repair services, leaving damage and deterioration in the rear-view mirror for good.

Common Types Of Alloy Wheel Damage

Alloy wheel refurbishment covers a variety of alloy wheels, from standard alloys, split rims, diamond cut, and so on. Unfortunately, although they are strong and robust, they are not entirely resilient to damage, which is why you may need to enlist repair services a few times throughout the life of your wheels.

Some of the issues or damage that you may experience on your alloy wheels include:

  • Straightening alloys – a bent alloy can cause significant damage to the tyre and steering mechanisms of the vehicle. In addition, straightening requires heat to be applied to the alloy rim, so removing it before starting any servicing is essential.
  • Curb rash – although cosmetic damage is nothing to be alarmed about, it does deter from the appearance of your vehicle. Curb rash is most commonly caused by hitting a curbside or another surface that causes minor damage.
  • Alloy corrosion – exposure to harsh elements can make your alloy wheels susceptible to corrosion. As the alloy deteriorates, it loses its strength and resistance and can experience cracking and rust.
  • Scratches and dents – driving a little more reckless than you should could heighten your chances of scratching or denting your alloy rims. Although scratches are generally easy to repair, dents take far more expertise and time to rectify.
  • Pothole damage – driving over a pothole too fast could result in a bent alloy rim and significant damage to the tyre, wheel alignment, and suspension. If you notice any difficulty in steering or a vibrating steering wheel, you may want to have your alloy wheels inspected by a professional.

Contact us today for your fast and affordable car alloy wheel repair.

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