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The Perks Of Alloy Wheels Polishing Services

We all lead busy lives, and it’s all too easy to put off things like alloy maintenance. Alloy wheels give substance and flair to any car, but they can get dusty and fade with time, especially if you drive a lot. So it’s critical to treat your alloys like you would your car’s paintwork. We provide a mobile repair and polishing service to make things easier and more convenient for you, saving you time and effort by not coming to our central location. It may appear self-evident why most individuals choose this option. However, alloys should be polished regularly to keep them looking as lovely as they should. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of our mobile alloy wheel polishing services.


There are many reasons to choose Mag Repairs for your alloy wheel repairs – our service, experience, and pricing are all among the finest in the industry. Even yet, if convenience is one of your top priorities, there’s no need to go further. We provide a mobile cosmetic repair service throughout Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

Exactly The Same Service Is Available

Our expert crew will devise the best solution for your vehicle, repairing any aesthetic damage to the highest standard without requiring you to leave your house or place of business. We also offer a collection and delivery service if we cannot repair or refurb your alloys at a convenient location for you.

Simple To Set Up

You simply reserve a time window for your repair with our Mobile Repair service, and we’ll come to your preferred location. That’s correct; whether you’re at home or work, we’ll take care of dropping and picking up your vehicle for you.

Alloy Wheel Cleaning Quick Tips

  • Abrasive cleaning agents should be avoided since they degrade the alloys’ quality and lifetime.
  • Only wash the wheels when they’ve cooled completely. The water and soap will evaporate quickly due to the heat from the wheels, creating soap marks.
  • Alloys should not be steam cleaned because this will damage their finish.
  • To avoid scratching the alloys with prior filth, use a new towel each time.

Clean and shining alloy wheels can dramatically improve the appearance of your vehicle, so follow our best cleaning recommendations to bring them back to life or call the pros to do it for you. We come to you and complete all of the work for you, so there’s no mess. Contact us today for a free quote!

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